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Our Activities

Students Trained / Certified

Free Webinars (Conducted by the VigiServe Team)


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List of free webinars conducted:
  1. Global Medical Information (01-May-2021)
  2. EcoPharmacovigilance (15-May-2021)
  3. Rolling Review of COVID-19 Vaccines and Safety Monitoring (29-May-2021)
  4. Basics of Signal Management (12-Jun-2021)
  5. Fate of Safety Signals (26-Jun-2021)
  6. Introduction to CosmetoVigilance (10-Jul-2021)
  7. Drug-Induced Liver Injury (24-Jul-2021)
  8. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting (07-Aug-2021)
  9. Hemovigilance (28-Aug-2021)

Other Events (Participation by the VigiServe Team)

2023 & 2024

Past  Events – 2021 and 2022

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