The training was organized in collaboration with Pharm.Doctors (, from 15th June 2021 until 16th July 2021.


10:03 am, 19/07/2021:

Varagani Tejaswini.
Pharm.D third year.
RBVRR women’s college of Pharmacy
Greetings sir!
I would like to start by saying that this is one of the best and fruitful modules I’ve ever attended. Dr.Manoj sir is Undoubtedly the best in the field! The special thing about Sir’s sessions is that the way sir explains everything in detail and in a language that is professional and extremely understandable. The presentations and videos used to explain concepts are beyond perfection, simple yet effective, enhancing the quality of content. I’m in my third year. At first, I didn’t have a keen interest in taking up PV as a field to explore, because I didn’t know about it in its entirety.
This module has changed my perception completely, PV is a very interesting career option and has many sub-fields, wherein there’s something for everyone. I sincerely express my gratitude towards Dr.Karthik Rakam sir and Dr. Manoj sir, thank you for your continued efforts in educating Pharm.D students in the right way.

10:03 am, 19/07/2021:
Name: Gokul Rithesh
Year of Study: 6th year
College: Aditya Bangalore institute of pharmacy education and research
I accompanied the Pharmacovigilance module conducted by Dr. Manoj Swaminathan sir for 30 days. Which completely solved all the questions which I have regarding pharmacovigilance. Introduction to new concepts such as ecopharmacovigilance and cosmetovigilance was honestly eye-opening and these steps should be considered. Slides in the session add an extra advantage to the module. A wonderful and worthy session. Heartfelt thanks to Vigiserve and Dr. Manoj Swaminathan sir for the session

10:03 am, 19/07/2021:
Jaahnavi Kurapati
Pharm.D fourth year
K.V.S.R. Siddhartha College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vijayawada.
Thank you for this knowledge-filled session Dr.Manoj sir. I actually had a small interest in PV. But got fully inspired after this session. The way you taught or communicated was very informative and interactive sir. I have learned many aspects and got a clear idea about PV. Feeling very grateful for being a part of this session. Thank you Sir.

10:03 am, 19/07/2021:
Nagamani somisetty
4th B Pharm
Annamacharya College of pharmacy
First of all, I want to thank Pharm.Doctors team and Dr.Karthik Rakam sir for conducting a 30 days Pharmacovigilance module with Dr.Manoj Swaminathan sir.
These are eye-opening sessions and I have learned many things by attending this module which I didn’t know earlier. Now I have a complete overview regarding Pharmacovigilance.
Thank you so much, Dr.Manoj Swaminathan sir for enlightened us

10:03 am, 19/07/2021:
Sushmita Guha
6th year Pharm D
Sri Venkateswara College Of Pharmacy, Chittoor
Good evening sir, thank you for all your informative sessions. It has greatly worked on my knowledge for improving many of the topics. I have got to know many of the new things related to vigilance which I didn’t even think to be relating. Your practical examples will always lead me to focus on my goals.
And a warm thanks to d team Pharm.Doctors for conducting such module with such an impressive lecturer.

10:03 am, 19/07/2021:
Vivek Peddi
Pharm.D 5th yr
GBN institute of pharmacy
Warm Greetings!!
30 hours of the productive session made me pushed deep into Pharmacovigilance. Initially, I’ve got a thought to get a glimpse on PV but it turned me completely and changed my zone of interest towards it. I’m highly impressed by the way sir demonstrates each slide with immense patience & rectifying individual doubt is highly appreciable. And the best part is the slide I haven’t seen such slides yet. Extremely grateful to learn such a wonderful & beneficial module under the Eminent speaker Dr.Manoj Swaminathan sir. And I am always thankful to Dr.Karthik sir for conducting modules and fulfilling our goals

10:03 am, 19/07/2021:
Fatima Naaz
Deccan school of pharmacy, Darussalam, Hyderabad, Telangana
Being part of this module was a pleasure sir, this one-month journey of 30hrs was very informative and interesting studying pharmacovigilance and its various divisions like Ecopharmacovigilance, Haemovigilance, Cosmetovigilance, Medical device vigilance, Veterinary pharmacovigilance, etc
by Dr.Manoj Swaminathan sir in an animated way with the presentations. The way he explained each and every part with the examples, including today’s topic of concern COVID-19 in almost every lecture, taught me a lot about the current scenario of the pandemic. That one hr every day was filled with knowledge and thank you sir for replying to all our questions in the sessions. I would like to extend my thanks to Dr.Karthik Rakam sir for giving us opportunities like these to explore our goals and make us clear about our targets

10:03 am, 19/07/2021:
Baggam swathi,
Sixth year pharmd,
Feedback: This module was my first module in Pharmacovigilance but it would be the best in my life. Manoj sir’s explanation was amazing, he inspired me a lot. Frankly speaking, I got a lot of knowledge through this. Thank you so much sir for these amazing sessions and modules. I would
like Karthik sir also for this module thank you so much, sir

10:03 am, 19/07/2021:
Bodi Sridevi
4th-year pharm D
Vishwa Bharathi College of pharmaceutical sciences
I am happy to be part of such a wonderful module, were listening to a lecture for an hour daily is not a problem and also makes me enthusiastic all day to wait for the session. It is all because of Dr.Manoj Swaminathan sir, your sessions are awesome. This motivated me and also had an impact
on my confidence to present any presentation. The way sir collected information, sharing with us. 
Thank you so much for teaching us in the span of 30days we have gained the knowledge of the basics of PV. Finally, sir thank you for incorporating your years of experience into our brains via sessions. Special Thanks to Dr.Karthik Rakam sir and your team for conducting such a nice module.Looking forward for more..

10:03 am, 19/07/2021:
Dr.Maniyarasan Selvaraj
Pharm D (2015-2021)
My thoughts are I really appreciate both the Pharm.Doctors Team and Vigiserve foundation for the 30days efforts. I really enjoyed the online course. I thought it was well planned and layed out, easy for me to follow. The free trail practice of 15 courses was just enough, so I could finish
everything with enough time, learn about the topics and not feel overloaded and rushed. Dr.Manoj Swaminathan sir’s conversation and teaching are really make attracts the session every day so thank you sir. This thought process from Dr.Karthik sir conducting the model and successfully end with nicely so thanks Lott sir.

10:03 am, 19/07/2021:
Bhavana surisetty
Pharm D 5th year
GBN institute of pharmacy
Pv sessions by Dr. Manoj sir were extremely informative and constantly learning new things and got to know about many new things which will help to build our career in PV, starting from vioxx story to career oppurtunities in PV every session was interesting gaining some knowledge every day, including interview questions, expressing excellence in the presentation of slides.
Thankyou so much Dr. Manoj sir. I would like to thank Dr. Karthik Rakam sir for constantly informing me about the updates and training students in the right way. Thank you so much sir.

10:03 am, 19/07/2021:
Satya Sri Nimishakavi.
Year: Pharm.D 5th year.
College: Vikas Institute Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Andhrapradesh.
Good morning sir, Thank you is just a small word for the flabbergasting sessions.. all the sessions are productive and gave deep insights into Pharmacoviligance. Each and every session is unique where we got to know about different areas of Pharmacoviligance and where we can excel in. The
presentations and slides are incredible. I got to know about new areas in Pharmacoviligance like ecopharmacovigilance, veterinary pharmacovigilance. I heartily Thank you Dr. Manoj
Swaminathan Sir for the 30day Pharmacoviligance Module and I am extremely grateful to Dr.Karthik sir for conducting the most productive sessions ever.

10:03 am, 19/07/2021:
Kaspa Nitheesh
Pharm.D 5th year
GBN institute of pharmacy
I am very much thank full to Dr.Manoj sir for such amazing sessions for about 30hrs which are very well explained and made understood us by clearing all our doubts patiently Special mention for presentation sir which is informative and eye-catching which made sessions very clear and interesting
Some sessions like echo-pharmacovigilance, device-vigilance, veterinary vigilance are very new to us.

I extend my thanks to Dr.Karthik sir for making this happening. I’m very much interested in further sessions in future

10:03 am, 19/07/2021:
Princy Easow
Pharm D 2021 batch
Parul Institute of pharmacy
I would, first of all, thank Dr. Manoj sir for this wonderful session conducted on pharmacovigilance.
I got to learn a lot from this module. All the videos included made it simpler to learn. Many things included in the session were new to me and also came to know more about the scope and need of pharmacovigilance.
I would also like to give my special thanks to Dr. Karthik sir for conducting this module and also constantly informing about the updates and training us.

10:03 am, 19/07/2021:
Mohammed Abdul Mushtaq
Pharm D Intern
Sultan-Ul-Uloom College of Pharmacy
Greetings Dr.Manoj Sir,
Before joining this module, I didn’t have much clarity on Pharmacovigilance, but the 30hrs one month sessions gave me good knowledge about PV and its various components! Sir took sessions on various topics like Ecopharmacovigilance, Cosmetovigilancs, Veterinary Vigilance, medical coding, Auditing of Pharmaceutical companies and showed us how it’s done other countries like USA, Europe, etc. The best thing which kept us engaged in the entire module were Sir’s clear
explanation & the excellent presentation with different animations! Thank you so much for
conducting this module & clearing my doubts in the middle of the session! I express my gratitude
and thanks to Dr.Manoj Sir & Dr.Karthik Sir for conducting the productive session.

10:03 am, 19/07/2021:
Olisha Mendonca
Pharm D 2015-2021 batch
Parul Institute of Pharmacy
I would like to thank Dr. Manoj sir for teaching us the Pharmacovigilance module in the most unique and creative presentations and videos. Your teaching has helped me to gain more knowledge regarding vigilance present in various sectors which will surely help us in our future.

10:03 am, 19/07/2021:
G sampoorna
Pharm D 5 th yr
Mallareddy institute of pharmaceutical sciences
I am happy to be a part of such a wonderful module sir. before joining this module really I didn’t have much clarity on pharmacovigilance, but the 30 hr one-month session gave me good knowledge about PV. Many things this session were new to me and also came to know
more about the scope and need of pharmacovigilance. sir clear explanation, clarifying many doubts in the middle of the session. I express my gratitude and thanks to Dr. Manoj Swaminathan sir and dr Karthik sir for conducting this module.

10:03 am, 19/07/2021 :
Katravath Pooja
M. Pharm completed
National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Mohali
First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Manoj sir for all ur informative, creative, and wonderful sessions. Sir has a unique talent, actually, the way of presentation is superb videos, presentation creativity n all. It was not really boring for us when Sir was giving the presentation but it was interesting,
When we are in college, the maximum number of listeners gets bored after 30min but we never know when the time in your session will end. I learned pharmacovigilance along with presentation skills. For me, this was an amazing session sir thank u soo much for sharing. And also thank you
team for conducting this module…

10:03 am, 19/07/2021:
Syeda Shaista Babar
Pharm D 2014-2020
I would like to thank Dr.Manoj sir for such an amazing session which included many new topics like ecopharmacovigilance,cosmeto and blood vigilance which I was unaware of….it was easy for me to understand bcoz of such a nice presentation and the way sir explains it deeply and clearly…
I would also like to thank Dr. Karthik sir for providing us with such informative training and a perfect mentorship.

10:03 am, 19/07/2021:
Pharm D 4th year
KVSR Siddhartha college of pharmaceutical sciences, Vijayawada.
Thank you Dr.Manoj sir for all informative and productive sessions. I have learned many new topics which are completely unaware of before this module. This module had created an interest to make PV a career option. Also, sir gave many new ideas to write research and review articles.
Thank you Dr.Karthik sir for conducting such a fruitful module with incredible knowledge for a very reasonable fee.

10:03 am, 19/07/2021:
Tahoora zainab
Pharm.D 6th year
Deccan school of pharmacy, Hyderabad.
First of all, I want to thank Dr.Manoj Swaminathan sir for this 30 days module in the basics of pharmacovigilance. Manoj sir’s sessions were amazing, the way of his explanation with practical examples was very much informative and interesting. This module was an eye-opening module
for me. Thank you so much Dr.Karthik sir and team PSPP for conducting this module.

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