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Training 002B

The course was conducted from 17-Jan-2022 to 11-Feb-2022 primarily for the Pharm D students. The Pharmacovigilance module of 20 Hours was a part of the CR-PV-CDM Module that was organized by Avenida Innovations. Around 74 students participated in the training programme.

Dr Mohammed Mujtaba:

Having entered the PV module offered by Avenida Innovations with rudimentary knowledge of Pharmacovigilance I did not know what to expect from the sessions other than what had been presented on the brochure.

I was pleasantly surprised by the teaching methods employed by Dr Manoj Swaminathan MBBS, MPH Sir who presented each topic in a succinct yet understandable manner. Being able to hold the crowd’s attention over an extended period clearly displays the immense experience Manoj sir holds and is a testament to his excellence as an educator.

Yogitha Jumala:

I’m very honoured to be part of the pv sessions, have learnt many things and the topics are very interesting. I build much confidence in the pv field after getting knowledge from the topics. Sir was very friendly and encouraging would like to have many more sessions and also want to listen to his professional journey. I will be very thankful to Dr Manoj sir for guiding us in different aspects and clearing doubts, and sir also reexplained many things when we didn’t get the concept. Sir has the same energy from the starting day to the last. Everyone atlast had build confidence, knowledge, and got guidance about the career path and i would like to request Manoj sir that not to stop showing up the thumbs up with a smile on face 👍🏻 which boosts up our energy, confidence and very encouraging. #pharmacovigilance is going to be a great thing in the future and will be much happy when any pv schemes aren’t exceptional in India and every kind of it available in our country. Looking forward for the great growth. Thank you very much for the wonderful sessions sir!

Sharada Sri

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share my experience about PV module which I joined. I loved the way how Dr Manoj Swaminathan MBBS, MPH taught each and every session with patience and that smiling face of sir’s encouraged me everyday to listen carefully.I got to know many things in PV which I did not know existed till I joined this module . The videos which sir used to include in each and every session used to make me more clear about those topics and also I got a clear cut view about different positions for PV jobs and their salaries. Thankyou so much sir for making time for us and sharing your knowledge in your busy schedule.

Kohir Ruchita:

As per the Pharmacovigilance sessions conducted by Dr Manoj Swaminathan MBBS, MPH sir were very clear and direct to brain. Sir have explained all the sessions with ease and informative, by which I can confidently say that sir is an excellent teacher. Had great experience listening to sir. sir’s session helped me to filter my areas of interest.Thank you so much Manoj sir for this wonderful sessions. Looking forward for much more sessions as these.

Juveria Nousheen:

#pharmacovigilance field is one of the vital aspect of healthcare system focusing solely on patient safety. I wanted to explore and learn more about this. Then I decided to get trained and learn more about this field. I can across the Pharmacovigilance module by Avenida Academy including such eminent personality Dr Manoj Swaminathan MBBS, MPH who has established a career out of his passion to serve public health. Sir’s amazing knowledge, friendly teaching and patient hearing are the most highlighted qualities I admired during the module.
I would like to thank Dr Manoj Swaminathan MBBS, MPH for his patient answers on all of my doubts during the module. The way sir has given detailed explanation in all the sessions is really appreciable. There was not a day that the session felt like too much.
I would highly recommend to my fellow pharmacy and any other life science friends.

Harshini Kande:

I’m pleasure and thankful to Dr Manoj Swaminathan MBBS, MPH sir for your PV sessions.Its great opportunity and I loved each and every class and they were very very interesting every day I waited for your classes and it’s great to be a part of it and thank you for your patience and the way you explained is amazing. Got a clear idea about Pharmacovigilance after attending your sessions .

Prasanna Penaganti:

I’m very pleasure to thank Dr Manoj Swaminathan MBBS, MPH sir for his wonderful pv sessions . I have learnt many things throughout this module.Before getting into this i have no idea regarding pv,bt by the end of the session i had gone through many new and informative things which was well explained by Manoj sir . I mainly like the way you treat us and the way you explain in a calm and soothing manner🙂…Not only the people who were aware of pv but also people who doesnt have any intrest or idea regarding pv can learn a lot and gain more and more information by your sessions sir.I will be very thankful to you for guiding us in different aspects and clearing all our doubts and for being friendly and encouraging us throught the session. I have enjoyed and learned many things from the starting day of to end of the module.Once again thank you so much sir

Kesapeddabigari Radhika:

Firstly, I’m so obligated to Dr Manoj Swaminathan MBBS, MPH Sir, for taking such tremendous sessions on Pharmacovigilance. This course helped me to understand about Pharmacovigilance basics, vioxx story, such more interesting topics. Sessions were very interactive, informative, you have lot of patience and cleared our doubts which we were asking during class as well as in LinkedIn. Your lectures are precise, concise and detailed. I so much believe that all I have learnt from you will surely beneficial as I continue to the next face of my career. The biggest thank you for being my guide, during the duration of Pharmacovigilance module.

Fathima Syed:

I am really happy to be a part of PV sessions which was thaught by Dr Manoj Swaminathan MBBS, MPH sir. After these sessions I am in a position from without out knowing anything about PV to I learnt many aspects which will help and guide me towards my Pharmacovigilance career path. Initially I was confused about how these sessions are going to be and all but they guided so well. Thank you Manoj sir and especially Dr. Karthik Rakam sir and Avenida Innovations for arranging such a wonderful session with a mentor like Dr.Manoj sir.

Sree Neeharika:

To explain my experience of Pharmacovigilance module and manoj sir’s teaching, i need to fetch words because all that i can say becomes less. Got abundance of knowledge, which was updated and got to know many things which i may not able to get somewhere else. I came out of the room with a good clarity, confidence and guidance at each and every step of this module. Thank you so much Dr Manoj Swaminathan MBBS, MPH sir for this wonderful sessions, looking forward for much more to learn.

Anjali Boguri:

I Attended Avenida Pharmacovigilance (PV) module which it was so Insightful. Till yesterday I never felt bored not even in one session Dr Manoj Swaminathan MBBS, MPH sir such a wonderful and knowledgeable person you are. Every session explained in detail with examples by showing videos and answered to our questions patiently and i used to get excited for every session and came to know many new things and topics regarding PV and opportunities in PV through these sessions sir.. in each and every session sir taught was worthy to know for every pharmD interested to enroll in PV… will definitely miss sir sessions..Thank you manjor sir for your guidance and clarifying my doubts not only during sessions but also through LinkedIn. Finally I would like to thank Dr. Karthik Rakam sir for conducting this module.

Vishal Kumar:

I am glad to be part of the pv session.if i do not join in the session may i lose a lot of opportunities. By this sessions i learnt a lot .Each and every session was interesting knowledgeable and informative.from the starting day i joined to the last day Dr Manoj Swaminathan MBBS, MPH sir motivation to work, patient safety and encouragement of the participants were the same .i got to learn things which i may not be able to get from some where else.Now i feel so confident regarding the pharmacovigilance .A boy who knew nothing before 1 month is now confident .it means a lot to me .

Priya Singh

Attended Pharmacovigilance module mentored by Dr Manoj Swaminathan MBBS, MPH Sir… The sessions taken by sir was really very informative… Came to know about many different branches of Pharmacovigilance like Eco pharmacovigilance and cosmetovigilance and a lot of new things…. Sir provided us with the information about many efficient workflow nad systems in abroad in the field of Pharmacovigilance which has not been started yet in India and in this way he provided many new ideas about what is lacking here in India and where we can work and create a new scope…. This completely showed that through this module sir not only wants to provide us with knowledge but also wants to empower us to create a different impact and improve many things in the field of Pharmacovigilance… He always made sure that everything he explained was clear…. It was a privilege for me to attend this module and being guided by Sir…. Thank you soo much Sir…

Meghana Lakshmi

Hi sir, I enjoyed every session in the PV module. If I do not join in the session I may lose a lot of opportunities in P.V.Background information and updating knowledge and all other information. Dr. Manoj Swaminathan Sir, is encouraging and his way of approaching students, responding to our questions, and taking feedback for every session is excellent; thank u, sir, for ur patience. This module gives a confidence that a lot of opportunities are there and we have to be ready with all our weapons like patience, determination, Hardworking nature and achieve the goal of nothing but providing patient safety to maximum people.

Medhini H Gowda

I’m grateful to Dr Manoj Swaminathan MBBS, MPH sir for a tremendous session on Pharmacovigilance. All 20 sessions were incredible with amazing topics each day right from vioxx story, medical devices vigilance, career opportunities to many more. Learnt alot from sir about PV beyond books. Manoj sir motivated us to do more in the field of Patient Safety. Sir shared many informative links and documents which are really useful for research purposes. Overall it was an incredible experience to be a part of PV module.

Mahananda Tadkal

i wish to share my experience with PV module Dr. manoj swaminathan sir has tought all concepts of PV very clearly. before joining this session i wasn’t aware of PV but i got to know the things now #thankyou and i like sir’s way of making understand the concept to the students and clearing all the doubts of us that was amazing. iam going to mis your classes sir.

Dr Ram Pund

Attended #pharmacovigilance Modules of Dr.Manoj Swaminathan Sir , I would like say that all sessions were interesting and informative.Sir is very interactive during the session and that helps us to easy understanding the all concepts And basics of Pharmacovigilance.Thank you so much Dr.Manoj Swaminathan Sir your sessions will definitely helps to us in future and carrier prospective. and I also thankful to Dr.Kartik Rakam Sir For Providing such a Great platform.

Zakira Begum

Each and every session of the PV module was equally interesting and informative, from day 1 to the last day, Dr.Manoj sir’s motivation to work for the patient’s safety, patience and encouragement of the participants were the same . Him providing us the links to important websites, showing the live demos of the chatbots, his videos which he used to present to us during the classes, everything wasjust at point sir. Definitely we will work with the motivation he provided us for the patient safety.
Thank you sir for this great opportunity.

Niha Fatima

Fortunate to share about the pv module I recently attended by Dr Manoj Swaminathan MBBS, MPH
Sir was indeed a person with amazing knowledge and the way he taught us about different aspects also with soo much ease . Every session was worth it .
Every day was something new to me and very happy to say at the end of one month I gained soo much confidence and knowledge in pv .
Thank you for your valuable guided session and for your constant support in providing us the best .

Samatha Sekhar Reddy Sirivella

I’m grateful to Dr Manoj Swaminathan MBBS, MPH sir for a tremendous sessions on Pharmacovigilance. All sessions of this module was informative and knowledgable. Sir has answered patiently all of our doubts during this module and clear all doubts regarding career and share career opportunities and sir also shared many informative links. I came out with a good clarity and confidence at each and every step of this module.

Topics Covered

1 Introduction to Pharmacovigilance
2 History of Pharmacovigilance
3 EcoPharmacovigilance
4 Pharmacovigilance Basics
5 Sources of Safety Data, Social Media and Literature
6 Medical Coding and Case Processing Life Cycle
7 Medical Information
8 Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting
9 Patient Support Programmes
10 Product Complaints and Product Recalls
11 Black Triangle and Black Box Warnings
12 Blood Vigilance, Pharmacogenomics for Safe Medicines
13 Fate of Safety Signals
14 DiLi – Drug Induced Liver Injury
15 AI/ML and Automation in Pharmacovigilance
16 Materiovigilance
17 Cosmetovigilance
18 LinkedIn, CV
19 Pharmacovigilance Interviews
20 Career in Pharmacovigilance
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