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PDPV Course

Professional Diploma in Pharmacovigilance

An Internationally Recognised Certification Program conducted in collaboration with the Global Pharmacovigilance Society (Global PVS) and the Journal of Pharmacovigilance and Adverse Drug Reaction (JPADR)

Credit Hours: 40

Course Dates: 02-Oct-2021 to 05-Dec-2021

Students and Testimonials

Dr. John Raphael T. Almanza


I hereby testify that I have enrolled in the PDPV course of VigiServe Foundation and Global Pharmacovigilance Society. I invite and encourage everyone who has interest in Pharmacovigilance and other related fields to enroll in their courses to heighten and supplement their learning for future or current career prospects. Definitely learned a plethora of knowledge from Dr. Manoj and the rest of the esteemed guest speakers. I will watch out for more learning opportunities from them.

Dr. Khalisa Afroze


The PDPV course is amazing for learning the basics of Pharmacovigilance. Training on basic writing skills of RMP and PSUR would add more value.

Vladimir Kostovski

North Macedonia

I am very pleased to say that I am extremely satisfied with the PDPV training. It was very comprehensive training which covered all pharmacovigilance related topics. Dr. Manoj is a wonderful trainer and teacher who in a very systematic and unique way knows how to share his pharmacovigilance knowledge. The training was also very interesting and filled with many examples from the real pharmacovigilance practice. A warm recommendation for all professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge in the science of drug safety.

Dr Amer Syed

United States

I want to thank Dr. Manoj and Dr. Chinmaya for their your efforts in bring this PVPD course to all working PV professionals and students. I was impressed by Dr. Manoj’s ability to seamlessly work on and deliver complicated topics with an ease in an most effective way. His presentation style during course discussion, and his students involvement and interaction strategies are stellar. This is a very practical and interactive course with open discussion on sharing best practices, wisdom, and Global PV experiences.

My main objective to join this PDPV course was to gain cross-functional knowledge and expertise to become a well rounded Safety Medical Director which was very well accomplished from this professional course. I believe, all trainers were very well experienced and shared great Insights during this PDPV course. I learned many other Vigilance’s (Cosmetic, Vaccine, Environmental etc., ). I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking forward to get into PV functional area or to enhance practical PV experience to excel in your current role.

Shahid Nazir Wani


I feel happy & satisfied about my decision to join Vigiserve foundation for PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA OF PHARMACOVIGILANCE (PDPV) training program. The training i received was not only professional & complete, it was also technically superior, Teaching pattern was interacting so we got good exposure to practical now how our trainer Dr. Manoj sir is excellent and train us thoroughly in all aspects…Joining PV after M. Pharm is an added advantage for me. I found this organization as a perfect environment conducive to effective learning & academic success. All in all, it was a great experience.

Dr. Hemalatha Rajaram


Thank you Dr Manoj Swaminathan and Dr Chinmaya Mahapatra for the PDPV course at nominal fee. I thank all my co-participants and guest speakers for sharing their field expertise with us.  This is not just another certification course,  Classes were very much live with current happenings in Pharmacovigilance. Dr Manoj’s simple, structured and passionate way of teaching is very much inspiring.  He is very much approachable and available to answer any time.  His knowledge in the field of pharmacovigilance is commendable. I look forward to future courses in the PV field to abreast our knowledge and keep us updated in the field.

S. Daphne


I am really happy and very much thankful for the learning opportunity with M/s. VigiServe Foundation about Pharmacovigilance. Dr. Manoj Swaminathan is a excellent teacher. He knows how to fix valuable information in students mind. His way of teaching with excellent examples and his simple language help me to learnt a lot. Dr. Manoj Sir my heartfelt gratitude to you once again for your kind support.

 Shilpa Sharma


This was a wonderful course, very knowledeable. Thanks to dr.manoj for conducting this course, you made learning very easy with your practical examples.

Amol S Shinde


Thank you Dr Manoj for providing such a certification in PV and that is really helpful to support in career ladder. I would like to suggest this course to everyone those wants to make their career in PV.

Akash Singh


So It was great experience from this course. The way Dr Manoj has explained every topics by giving real life example, getting concept clear is benefit from this course. If anyone wants to make their career in pharmacovigilance I will extremely recommend them to go with this course. For me this course is ended but I want to be in contact with Dr Manoj as I want to learn so many thing from him 

Bodi Sridevi

Learning from manoj sir is always beneficial and inspiring, I can say manoj sir is my mentor. It will be too easy to learn any topic when you have an experienced person guiding you.

Ayushi Pandya


Dr Srilakshmi Amirtheswaran


Dr Chandresh Kumar Rathor



Dr Poonam Arora


Dr Jyoti Khanna


Dr Prakash Motwani

United States

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