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Learning AddictoVigilance

What is Addictovigilance?

Addictovigilance is the monitoring of cases of abuse and dependence associated with the intake of any substance having a psychoactive effect, whether medicinal or not, with the exclusion of ethyl alcohol and tobacco.

The mission of the French Network of Addictovigilance

  • Collection and evaluation of drug dependence, drug abuse or psychoactive substances misuse cases, with the exception of alcohol and tobacco…

  • Evaluation of the potential of abuse, dependence or misuse from medicines and non-therapeutical substances

  • Research on the pharmacodependence

  • Identification of risks for Public Health

  • Set up expertise and advices for the Ministry of Health and Solidarity

  • Provide information and prevention (professionals, public) on pharmacodependence


French Network of Addictovigilance (FAN)

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