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DiLi - Drug Induced Liver Injury

Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is an uncommon, but potentially fatal, cause of liver disease that is associated with medications and herbal and dietary supplements.

Types: Intrinsic and idiosyncratic

Also termed: drug-induced hepatotoxicity

Medicines Withdrawn after DILI

Amineptine, chlormezanone, droxicam, ebrotidine, nimesulide, tetrabamate, troglitazone, trovafloxacin, alaproclate, alatrofloxacin mesylate, alclofenac, alpidem, bendazac, benoxaprofen, benzarone, benzbromarone

benziodarone, bromfenac, cinchophen, clomacran, clometacin, cyclofenil, exifone

fenclozic acid, fipexide, glafenine, ibufenac, iproniazid, isaxonine

lumiracoxib, mebanazine, mepazine, moxisylyte, nialamide, niperotidine

nitrefazole, nomifensine, oxyphenisatin, pemoline, perhexiline, phenoxypropazine, pipamazine

pirprofen, sitaxsentan, sulcotidil, sulfacarbamide, sulfathiazole

ticrynafen, tilbroquinol, tolrestat, triacetyldiphenolisatin, xenazoic acid, ximelagatran, zimelidine

Medicines Discontinued after DILI


fialuridine, fiduxosin, pafuramidine

pralnacasan, tasosartan


What is LiverTox?

LiverTox is a clinical and research database developed by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, the National Library of Medicine, and the Drug-Induced Liver Injury Network (DILIN) study group to provide up-to-date, comprehensive clinical information on DILI. LiverTox includes an overview of medications (their chemical nature, indications, recommended dosages, and frequency of use), a description of the pattern and course of liver injury, case histories with laboratory data, and a comprehensive list of references.

European Medicines Agency

Reflection paper on the non-clinical evaluation of drug-induced liver injury (DILI)

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FDA Guidance for Industry Drug-Induced Liver Injury: Premarketing Clinical Evaluation

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CIOMS/ICH Drug-induced liver injury (DILI): Current status and future directions for drug development and the post-market setting

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