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Be An e-Volunteer for Safe Medicines!


How can you Support?

​1. Content Facilitation

2. Creative Ideas


3. Be a Critic …there is always Scope for Doing Better!

4. Be a Brand Ambassador on Social Media

5. Financial Assistance

6. Have we missed anything? Is there any other way you want to support?

How much time would you need to Devote?

  •   3-4 hours/week


What can you get in return?​

​1. Certificate

2. Your Contribution will feature on the VigiServe Website


3. Coaching – Guidance from Pharmacovigilance Experts

4. Satisfaction – An Essence for Doing Good!

5. You can share this ‘Experience’ on Social Media

Interested to e-Volunteer?

Contact us on info@vigiserve.com


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